ACSC is a 6-hour block of instruction that focuses on encrypted cell phone and computer based communication, and security. The first block of instruction of ACSC begins by covering the use of cellular phone based, “end-to-end”, encrypted communication applications (apps) in order to send, receive and share private or sensitive information, by voice call, text message or the sending of photographs with your coworkers, business associates, family members and friends. Course curriculum covers the downloading and setup of “end-to-end” encrypted apps, the establishment of pseudo phone numbers, and the linking of these platforms in order to protect one’s identity, information and communications. The second block of instruction of ACSC continues by covering the selection and use of virtual private networks, creation and use of hotspots in order to protect your information in areas where public WIFI is offered, the planning and selection of account passwords, and the utilization of steganography for sending extremely sensitive information (such as account numbers, and log-in information) to others while avoiding compromise. The third block of ACSC provides instruction on the process of encrypting MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, selection of email servers, and the creation of both internal, and diminished ability to attribute personnel, positions and identities within email communication nets. The class culminates with instruction on using various methods to save, encrypt and store passwords on both a cellular phone and computer with various methods to double encrypt a computer’s hard-drive, an external or thumb drive.

  • Class duration: 4 hours
  • Pre-requisites: None
  • Individual rate: $150
  • Group rate: $100 per student (5 or more as a group)
  • Type cellular phone required: iPhone or Android smartphone
  • Must have the ability to download, install and use apps from iTunes or Google Play


  • Government issued identification card will be required at time of class
  • If you do not have a government issued identification card at the time of class, no refund will be issued
  • You must be 18 years of age to take this course