(1, 2 & 3)

The Asymmetric Rifle Course – 1
(ARC-1) is a 4-hour tactical rifle course that establishes the basis of rifle safety and employment involving situations such as close quarters battle, active shooter situation and home defense. ARC-1 provides the initial inoculation to stress of employing a rifle in the protection of your life, and/or the lives of others during a hostile engagement. The ARC-1 course begins in the classroom by identifying the most likely and dangerous engagement criteria that you, as a law-abiding American civilian, are likely to encounter. Instruction then moves to the range where Hybrid Tactics instructors provide the appropriate tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), that serve to improve survivability in armed conflict.

  • Class duration: 4 hours
  • Ammo Required: 200 rounds
  • Pre-requisites: None
  • Individual rate: $275
  • Group rate: $255 per student (5 or more as a group)

The Asymmetric Rifle Course – 2
(ARC-2) is an 8-hour tactical rifle course that covers advanced TTPs in the employment of a rifle in your defense, and/or the defense of others. ARC-2 is an aggressive, challenging, and fast-paced training experience in which you will hit the ground running with your Hybrid Tactics instructors and will be pushed to the edge in training. ARC-2 involves engaging single and multiple, shoot/no shoot targets at both close and medium range, in varying environments, as a single operator, or a member of a team, amplifying the inoculation to stress of an armed conflict and serves to enhance your survivability.

  • Class duration: 8
  • Ammo Required: 300 rounds
  • Pre-requisites: None
  • Individual rate: $550
  • Group rate: $500 per student (5 or more as a group)

The Asymmetric Rifle Course – 3
(ARC-3) is an 8-hour tactics and scenario-based course filled with TTPs that can be utilized to fight and increase your skills to win. You will be taught and then apply advanced fundamentals of rifle manipulation and employment in various tactical environments utilizing counter-ambush procedures, urban based scenarios and close quarters battle techniques. The introduction and use of FX Simunitions in “Force on Force” training provides the ultimate training experience and inoculation to stress of an armed conflict. ARC-3 is a demanding training experience for those wanting to push their training to the extreme.

  • Class duration: 8 hours
  • Ammo Required: 300 rounds
  • Pre-requisites: ARC-2
  • Individual rate: $650
  • Group rate: $525 per student (5 or more as a group)


  • AR type Rifle/Carbine with sling
  • Minimum three rifle magazines with 2 or more magazine pouches
  • Iron sights or electronic optic on rifle
  • Properly rated eye and ear protection
  • Water / Lunch / Snacks
  • Kneepads and gloves (recommended – not required)


  • Common ammunition calibers are available for purchase at the range
  • In accordance with ITAR you must be an American citizen to take this course
  • Government-issued identification card will be required at time of class
  • If you do not have a government-issued identification card at the time of class, no refund will be issued
  • You must be 18 years of age to take this course