The Women’s Asymmetric Pistol Course

WAPC) is an 8-hour, dynamic, aggressive, and accelerated training program designed by female law enforcement officers in order to create a weapons and tactics course specific to women and provide skills and techniques that can be utilized to fight and survive an aggressive attack.

WAPC provides an unparalleled level of stress inoculation to some of the most likely and dangerous engagement criteria that women may encounter and is designed for women who carry a handgun in a low-profile concealed carry configuration.

Instruction begins in the classroom with an introduction to the asymmetric vision of Hybrid Tactics, training objectives, basic firearms rules, fundamentals of marksmanship, individual and family security planning, defense of the home and vehicle, discussion of violent attacks, and Hybrid Tactics methodology of target and threat engagement.

Upon completion of the classroom presentation, students and instructors will move to the firing range, where multiple tasks are introduced, and instructors provide Hybrid Tactics methodology of target and threat engagement.

While on the range, basic fundamentals of combat pistol shooting and special operations level tactics, combined with advanced appropriate techniques and training scenarios, serve to further inoculate the student to the stress of engaging single or multiple targets at close range utilizing instinctive and reflexive fire techniques.

Instruction provided by: Current and/or Former Female Military Members and Law Enforcement Officers.

  • Class duration: 8 hours
  • Ammo Required: 300 rounds
  • Individual rate: $350
  • Group rate: $300 per student (5 or more as a group)


  • semiautomatic pistol
  • OUTSIDE the waistband side holster appropriate to the semiautomatic pistol, constructed of heavy leather or Kydex with belt loops
  • Minimum of three pistol magazines appropriate to the semiautomatic pistol
  • Pistol magazine carrier capable of holding two magazines on the belt
  • A Belt that will support the weight of a loaded semiautomatic pistol and two fully loaded magazines in a magazine carrier
  • Properly rated eye and ear protection
  • Knee pads (recommended – not required)
  • Water / Lunch / Snacks


  • Common ammunition calibers are available for purchase at the range
  • In accordance with ITAR you must be an American citizen to take this course
  • Government-issued identification card will be required at time of class
  • If you do not have a government-issued identification card at the time of class, no refund will be issued
  • You must be 18 years of age to take this course